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For more than 15 years, I’ve gained professional experience in the audit business and in German subsidiaries of US-based corporations listed at the US stock exchange market. I’ve learned that every single business transaction authorized by qualified professionals results in entries in the external, managerial and tax accounting system of a company. Missing processes amongst these Finance Departments lead to misunderstandings and even errors.

By giving my clients a full picture of their financial position, I create new corridors to more effective processes, reduce time-consumption delays and increase efficiency.

I hold a valid license as certified German tax advisor (Steuerberater); as well as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), registered at Washington State Board of Accountancy, USA


F.P.Finance -full picture of finance®

My mission is to provide solutions. For this, I created F.P.Finance:
to offer an integrated consulting approach
to provide a full picture of the client’s financial position.
I base my approach on the followoing concepts:

Building relationships allows the business to create more communication channels, therefore, to connect and build better relationships among departments which also leads to a better support of integration projects.

Performance Management:

Understanding & Identifying processes is a key factor to deliver a clear explanation of the origin and flow of numbers. Therefore, links between processes and human factor can be established leading to a succesfull integrated consulting package.

Financial transparency:

Understanding and assigning correct responsibilities allows the business to ensure high quality, compliance, credibility and keeping deadlines.

Through this apporach, I can then guide my clients through processes that will allow them to:
  • Support with transformation and change management
  • Identify growing opportunities
  • Bring the organization together
  • Generate insights
  • Create transparency and efficiency



  • Connecting the dots in the finance organization to add value to the company with a hands-on approach
  • Support in stabilizing an accounting team setup
  • Compilation of single and consolidated financial statements according to local GAAP (HGB), IFRS & US GAAP
  • Certified LucaNet User | Consolidation
  • Ensure efficient month-end closing and reporting process in close collaboration with local finance teams and continued timely delivery of reporting packages
  • Commercial management
  • Pre-merger, post-merger and restructuring activities
  • Shaping the PtP, RtR and OtC processes
Tax Management

Tax Management

  • Deliver solutions in finance and tax related challenges
  • Support with regular tax audits
  • Tax compliance management
  • Liaison within the legal entity (upper management), the external parties and nation-wise for all corporate finance, tax & VAT related matters
  • Development of new VAT processes for sub-entities overseas
  • Leading tax support implementation of online market places
  • Tax calculation (current & deferred) and report on future potential impact and tax risks.
Operational Finance

Operational Finance

  • Optimizing operational excellence and best practices within the Finance Department
  • Create stability in the global finance organization and drive improved engagement by prioritizing activities to reduce workload as well as by bringing the local teams closer together
  • Drive an improved performance dialogue with regions / countries / functions and strengthen investment process to ensure optimal capital allocation
  • Increase understanding of the full gross margin development of the organization
  • Leading the finance function and team to provide strategic direction and oversight of processes, procedures and outcomes
  • Financial Analysis with high- and granular-level views of a company's financial data, helping to improve its business performance
Team Performance Management

Team Performance Management

  • Providing leadership and guidance by managing a team to drive the success of the Finance Department
  • Define roles and responsibilities for established or new established processes
  • Refine and improve management process
  • Adjust organization’s methodology and seek improvements
  • Shaping the finance team and processes for the entire entity

“Trust that little voice in your head that says
‘Wouldn’t it be interesting if…’
And then do it.”

Duane Michals, American Photographer

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